A special prize for my 1000th follower

You heard me. My 1000th follower on Twitter is going to be the (potentially) lucky recipient of their very own track, made by my fair, shamefully small and “freakishly soft” hands.

The winner gets to choose the style of the track, request any samples or tracks to be sampled for it, and whether they want a vocal or not – with lyrics on a subject of their choosing if so. They can then do what the hell they want with it, but I suspect the result won’t have any major labels chomping at hands.

I made a gabba track for a friend’s birthday once which ran at a pacey 220 BPM and mostly comprised of me and another friend screaming expletives over manic gypsy music. Hopefully this bespoke effort will be a bit more palatable.

Join the race at http://twitter.com/bengomori