Please give me a 5-star rating on the iTunes Store. PLEASE….

I’d hugely appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a 5-star review on the iTunes Store. It helps other like-minded people discover my podcast and helps me grow my audience. But hey, if you don’t feel this show’s a 5-star product, don’t worry about it. Oh and sorry if you heard some audio glitches on this week’s podcast – should be fixed now. Very un-5-star of me.

To leave a rating on the mobile Podcasts app:

– Press the Library tab
– Press Shows at the top
– Scroll down until you find Turned On Podcast and press it
– Scroll down past the episode list until you the Ratings & Reviews section
– Hit the 5th star!

To leave a rating on desktop iTunes

– Click the Store tab below the player
– Search ‘Turned On Podcast’ in the top right search box
– Click Ratings and Reviews
– Click that 5th star!

Thank you so much x