Do we still need vinyl records?

*Guest Post*

When we consider the technology behind music these days, everything tends to be about advancement. Which smartphone has the best speakers, whether Dre beats are as good as they purport to be, what the best app or service is for accessing music and so on. Music in today’s world is incredibly accessible and flexible, and comes to us in stunning quality pretty much anywhere, and in any way, we choose. This begs the question for “old school” music fans and purists: is there any place for vinyl records in the modern world of music?

For many, the answer to this question is an emphatic and resounding “yes.” Despite the incredible convenience and flexibility of digital music, demand for vinyl remains. However, using vinyl is obviously a bit “unnatural” in an industry packed to the brim with easier ways of getting music. So let’s look at a few of the questions and factors keeping old school albums in business.

Why buy vinyl?

Well, the truth is, unless you’re a pretty serious music fan or historian, there isn’t much need to. However, if you care particularly about the quality of your music at home, or the value of a collection of records, vinyl is a must. The differences are subtle, but many will testify that the sound quality of a vinyl record out-performs even that of the highest quality “HD” digital sound.


Can you still buy turntables?

Um, yeah! Turntables are obviously largely a DJ thing, and you can still pick up a pair despite the market leader having stopped production a while back. But they aren’t just for DJs; modern turntables are also perfect for simple home use. At¬†you can even get a “USB Turntable,” which will play your records, and also help you to transfer the music on them into digital form that you can store on a computer, mp3 player, phone, etc.

Can you buy modern records on vinyl?

Again, absolutely. Many who haven’t considered the issue might assume that modern vinyl doesn’t sell, but the fact is you can still get brand new, top-of-the-charts albums the old fashioned way. At, for example, the simplest option, you’ll find plenty of the latest releases. An added bonus for many modern records is that they come with automatic download options for digital copies. Basically, this means you can buy the vinyl and also get an access code to download the album digitally, so that you don’t have to pay twice to have a vinyl copy and a digital copy.

So what’s the verdict? Vinyl records are actually making a comeback, rather than fading away into history. The bottom line is, you don’t have to be a DJ to appreciate vinyl; if you’re into quality, collections, and variety, consider picking up a few records for yourself.