Turned On 035: Hercules & Love Affair, Kerri Chandler, Mark Henning, Dinky, Shinedoe

A Future Classic from Mark Henning plus music from Gomma, Moshi Moshi, Ultramajic, Compost Black Label, Watergate, Intacto and more.

Hercules & Love Affair – Be With You [Moshi Moshi]
Ben Gomori – Love Gamble [RvS]
La Fleur – Feline [Power Plant]
Nancy Whang & Audiojack – Like an Eagle [Gomma]
Mister Woo – Lion Talking [Ear Music]
Aden – Part Of Me [Ultramajic]
The Jaydes – Area 89 [Dame-music]
Christian Prommer – Duckwalk (Dinky Remix) [Compost Black Label]
Mayaku – Bushwalking (Johannes Brecht Remix) [Something Happening Somewhere]
Kerri Chandler – Think Of Something [Watergate]
Shinedoe Feat. Miss Bunty – Circle of Life [Intacto]
Frankey & Sandrino Save [Innervisions]
Future Classic: Mark Henning – Soul Catcher [Swing Recordings]