Turned On 177: Folamour, Tell, Ron Blanco, Lorca, Gab Rhome

Music from Moonrise Hill Material, Coastal Haze, Down By The Lake, Kindisch, Ninja Tune, Ten Thousand Yen…

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Tell – Daddy’s A Lowrider [Coastal Haze]
Tell – I Remember [Coastal Haze]
Folamour – Kickflipin’ That Stuff [Moonrise Hill Material]
Folamour – Jah Love [Moonrise Hill Material]
Lorca – All My Love [Live Ones]
Lorca – Intimate Friend [Live Ones]
Ron Blanco & TRP – Emmy’s Tree [Down By The Lake]
Ron Blanco & TRP – Farraige [Down By The Lake]
Gab Rhome – Beach Bummer [Kindisch]
De Gama – Yebo [Samosa]
Bicep – Orca [Ninja Tune]
Bicep – Rain [Ninja Tune]
Future Classic: Doc Daneeka – Better Dayz [Ten Thousand Yen]