Turned On 222: Lone, Man Power, Fred P & SMBD, Chateau Flight, Jamie Trench

Music from R&S Records, Roots For Bloom, Silver Bear Recordings, Versatile Records, Southern Fried Records…

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AB/DC – This Feelin’ (Man Power Remix) [Southern Fried Records]
A Most Wanted Man – Hep Cat [Monologues Records]
A Most Wanted Man – Voice From Above [Monologues Records]
Sam Stosuur – Stosuur Christmas Jam [Beats Of No Nation]
Louf – Sedentary [Silver Bear Recordings]
Louf – Axis [Silver Bear Recordings]
Giles Dickerson – Take Me To The Other Side [Little Giant Records]
Fred P & SMBD – Angel Dust [Modern Dialect]
Chateau Flight – Crazy (House Mix) [Versatile Records]
Jamie Trench – That Teebs (Stab Dub) [Roots For Bloom]
John Joseph – 777-ACID [PITS]
Future Classic:
Lone – Pulsar
Lone – ‘Oedo 808 [R&S Records] is taken from ‘Ambivert Tools Volume Four’ released 12th October 2018 via